It is transparent massage to society that we RSP EXPORT AND TRADING PVT.LTD. All the time equipped to supply of hygienic and sanitized food to every single human being. By supplying of good food and best manufacturing practice we could intensify our individual’s mental health and physical characteristics.

Healthy intellectual will come up with healthier future for our world. Our every team member will follow the guidelines, which our government and world wide food safety needs.

I know the work what I had chosen is very difficult but this is the one way Traffic for me for save our future, I had gone many countries like China,Dubai,Japan and Thailand, what I had seen, there basically food department keeping more focusing on the quality and sanitization of food .. All the packaged foods are very neat and clean keeping standardization of calories. WHO has given five keys to safer food . These are as following

1.Keep Clean.

2.Separate Raw and Cook.

3.Cook thoroughly.

4.Keep food at safe temperature.

5.Use safe water and Raw materials.

All the food lovers follow the guidelines of WHO.